All of our beef comes from Native breeds in England & Ireland. We have joints like Topside, Silverside and Brisket. We also have sirloin, fillet, tomahawk, rib rye & rump steaks as well as our very own crafted burgers.


We have a collection of cut joints perfect for roasting or slow cooking. We have Topside, Silverside & Brisket

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Earl Shilton Butchery
Beef steaks


We have a collection of traditional beef cuts including Fillet, Rump, Rib Eye, Sirloin, Tomahawk & T-Bone. Ask us in the shop and we can cut to your size

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Sausages & Burgers

We sell beef mince and use this to craft our very own beef sausages and burgers using our traditional recipe

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Beef Burgers